Put a stop to unwanted gifts: we’ll help you come up with ideas for your house-warming!

 So, you’re throwing a house-warming party for your friends and family. But no-one knows what to get you, and they’re already asking you for ideas! Luckily, we’re here to help you plan ahead, and give your guests some great ideas for house-warming gifts.

Ideas for house-warming gifts that will stand the test of time

When you move into your first home, you often have to buy everything from scratch. A nice microwave and a kettle will no doubt make very welcome additions to your new home. Your friends and family will be only too pleased to know they’re getting you what you want, without having to rack their brains to find THE ideal house-warming gift. And if you already have everything you need for breakfast time, why not ask for an all-in-one machine for making your favourite recipes? That way, your guests could gift you the food processor (chopper) of your dreams!


Or you could ask for a party-friendly gift that they can enjoy using with you. You could even use it at your house-warming party, and your guests will be delighted to have given you something that they can look forward to using at future get-togethers.

Why not start a house-warming gift list on our website? You can pass it on to your friends, and they’ll be spoilt for choice!

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For a balanced diet, variety really is the spice of life! Contrary to common belief, it is important to eat carbohydrates, even when on a diet. Ideally, a balanced diet is made up of 15% protein, 50-55% carbohydrates, and 30-35% fat. Of course, by carbohydrates we don’t mean sweets!

Eat more fruit and veg – the simple way!

Eating five fruit and vegetables a day can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes and techniques out there to add a little bit of magic to your meals whilst ensuring you enjoy a varied diet. If you have a Vitacuisine steamer, for example, you can cook your vegetables, as well as your meat, fish and desserts, in a healthy way and without losing any of the flavour. Be creative and play with the flavours. Rediscover long-forgotten vegetables, combine different colours, and then cook it all effortlessly with a steamer.

Not all carbohydrates were created equal!

Your body needs carbohydrates, but not from just anywhere! There’s so much you can do with bread, cereals and potatoes. And if you’re craving chips for dinner, why not try reducing the amount of cooking oil? With the ActiFry, for example, you can cook potatoes and/or sweet potatoes in a healthy way.

Rule 1 healthy balance

Food variety is important, but don’t forget that you need to drink too! To keep your body well-hydrated, drink water in whatever form you prefer: herbal teas, bottled water, tea… it’s up to you!

Click here for some delicious and balanced recipes


What could be more fun than reinventing our favourite dishes and injecting them with a bit of imagination? And if you make cooking fun, colourful, tasty and creative, the kids will be clamouring to join in!

baby kitchen

A pinch of imagination and a good dash of fun

Make cooking fun, and get ready to see your children gobble up their veggies and – who knows? — maybe even ask for more! In the kitchen, anything goes! You can play around with colours and shapes, add edible flowers to your salads, put dots of ketchup and other coloured sauces on your broccoli or green beans, and be creative in your presentation. You’ll be amazed to discover that the whole family loves carrot chips, or courgette flan when served in individual ramekins.
Surf the internet to get ideas for new dishes. Invest in some bento boxes and turn lunchtime into funtime – rice balls shaped like animals or cartoon characters, raw vegetables presented in the shape of a flower, anything is possible! You can even start the fun at breakfast time, by making pancakes in different shapes and colours (using edible food colourings), inventing your very own spreads, or making some highly original fruit kebabs! Then really go to town by presenting it in an unusual way e.g. on a wooden board or slate placemats, with little spoons and glass bottles.

Top tip: get the kids involved! They’ll be delighted to mix the colours and make funny shapes, and they’ll enjoy eating the final result even more – whether it’s sweet or savoury!



Summer’s here and, with it, the yearning for light meals and fresh ingredients. Barbecues and marinated meats are especially popular for family lunches and dinners. Fish or chicken marinated in oil or in white wine and herbs, or red meat marinated with spices – anything goes! Simply use a large glass dish or salad bowl for easy mixing, and set your imagination free!

Marinate for extra taste

Marinades with a bit of character!

Marinating is a bit like a magic trick – throw together a liquid (e.g. oil, white or red wine, fruit juice or vinegar), spices, herbs, salt and pepper, garlic and onion with some pieces of meat or fish, and hey presto! The golden rule is to avoid clashing flavours. White meat and white fish go perfectly with sour or fruity marinades, so go for white wine or vinegar. If using the latter, choose something with a slightly unusual taste such as raspberry vinegar. Then throw in some of your favourite herbs – basil, oregano, thyme, it’s totally up to you.

Red meat requires more care, because it doesn’t go with everything – it’s best to reach for the red wine and hot spices. Before barbecuing, tenderise your meat with the magic ingredient – yoghurt! It’s the secret to tasty, melt-in-the-mouth chicken or lamb kebabs.

Top tip:  Some marinade ingredients are great for your health. There’s lemon juice, for example, that contains vitamin C, ginger which aids digestion, garlic which is good for the heart, and of course cold-pressed olive oil.


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