Tricks for tear-free onion chopping!

Put your tissues away, and get the lowdown on tear-free onion chopping!

Knife in hand, you’re all set to start chopping your onions. But the mere thought of ending up in floods of tears and with stinging, bloodshot eyes puts you off! And yet, a few simple tricks will ensure
you remain dry-eyed, even if your recipe calls for some fine dicing. Read on…

Take your pick from our favourite tricks

When it comes to the thorny old issue of onion peeling and slicing, every chef has their own little trick. While some techniques seem both unlikely and convoluted, others have stood the test of time:
– Peel and slice your onion under cold running water
– Place your chopping board directly under the extractor fan
– Keep dipping your knife in cold water
– Leave your onion in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes beforehand.

Now go and experiment! One of these techniques is bound to work for you, so hopefully you’ll no longer need a gas mask every time you want to chop an onion!