Marinate for extra taste

Summer’s here and, with it, the yearning for light meals and fresh ingredients. Barbecues and marinated meats are especially popular for family lunches and dinners. Fish or chicken marinated in oil or in white wine and herbs, or red meat marinated with spices – anything goes! Simply use a large glass dish or salad bowl for easy mixing, and set your imagination free!

Marinate for extra taste

Marinades with a bit of character!

Marinating is a bit like a magic trick – throw together a liquid (e.g. oil, white or red wine, fruit juice or vinegar), spices, herbs, salt and pepper, garlic and onion with some pieces of meat or fish, and hey presto! The golden rule is to avoid clashing flavours. White meat and white fish go perfectly with sour or fruity marinades, so go for white wine or vinegar. If using the latter, choose something with a slightly unusual taste such as raspberry vinegar. Then throw in some of your favourite herbs – basil, oregano, thyme, it’s totally up to you.

Red meat requires more care, because it doesn’t go with everything – it’s best to reach for the red wine and hot spices. Before barbecuing, tenderise your meat with the magic ingredient – yoghurt! It’s the secret to tasty, melt-in-the-mouth chicken or lamb kebabs.

Top tip:  Some marinade ingredients are great for your health. There’s lemon juice, for example, that contains vitamin C, ginger which aids digestion, garlic which is good for the heart, and of course cold-pressed olive oil.