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Effective ironing starts with your wash!

OK, so ironing isn’t your idea of fun! But here’s some good news –with just a few smart changes to your washing routine, you’ll save time and take better care of your fabrics. Read on to find out more!

Effective ironing starts with your wash!

8 smart tips that make all the difference

Your washing:

You love the clothes you wear because they represent who you are. So take care of them by following these helpful tips:

1. Turn your clothes inside out before you put them in the washing machine, as this will reduce bobbling.

2. You can use a colour-catcher sheet if you’re washing several different colours together.

3. The other golden rule is to use the recommended amount of washing powder or liquid. Too much is pointless and may even clog up your machine.

4. If your water is very hard, add an anti-limescale product to each wash.

5. And finally, wash at low temperatures – between 30° and 40° – as water that is too hot may make your favourite outfits shrink or lose their shape.


Read your clothes labels! Some fabrics won’t withstand going in the dryer at all, and most clothes will carry an unpleasant smell if put away before drying completely – save yourself from double washing with these drying tips:

1. Most garments will shrink if the temperature is too high, so use the delicate cycle.

2. Hang your shirts, jumpers and T-shirts on hangers so that they don’t lose their shape.

3. If you use a clothes horse, space out your laundry, even when it’s hot, because clothing that hasn’t dried properly gives off an unpleasant smell when ironed.